About Me

About me

Hello, I'm George.

I'm a happy-go-lucky, free-spirited psychonaut who strives to live a fulfilling life. Get to know me and follow my travels at FollowGeorge.com

Travel is my passion.

It’s about finding the extraordinary

in an ordinary place.

There are two types of travel we can experience, inward and outward.

I love to explore the world and meet new people, understand different cultures, languages and perspectives, and to experience all of the beauty this planet has to offer.

I also love to take inward journeys and seek to understand the depths of the human psyche and consciousness through nontraditional means.

This blog serves as a medium to express myself through my journeys. My goal is to connect with like-minded people who have similar passions and interests, and to help anyone who hopes to profoundly explore this wonderful thing called life along the way.

Open Your Mind to New Perspectives

Experiencing new cultures, ideas, opinions and perspectives with an open mind is what allows for empathy and understanding, which is far too uncommon in our world today. By becoming empathic towards others we can create a mutual respect and understanding and make the world a more peaceful place.

Go Deep - Self Exploration

When we journey into the depths of our subconscious we are able to recognize the negative traits, thought patterns and beliefs that reside there. Once we know what they are we have the ability to remove or replace them with positivity and reprogram ourselves and our way of thinking leading to a happier life and lifestyle. This leads to a better understanding of ourselves and allows for self love.

Feel and Share the Love of the Universe

Once we've reached a point of self-acceptance and acceptance of the views of those around us, we get that much closer to a state of zen. Loving yourself is equally as important as loving your fellow man. If you allow the universe to guide you along the way by listening to it and feeling the energy, you'll sense how much love and positivity exists in our world and want to share it with others. Love begets love and if we work to achieve this state the planet will be a much better place for everything that inhabits it.

Some of My Most Memorable Experiences

Below are a few slideshows of some of the more memorable moments of my most recent travels. Enjoy!

Memorable Attractions

Memorable People

Memorable Moments